Laying-in-bed-for-thirty-minutes-listening-to-sad-songs kinda night.

That’ll do, John Mayer. That’ll do.


Blame It On The DayQuil

So something mildly entertaining happened at One and One the other day. For the most part, I’ve given up on going out but it was a friend’s birthday and I hadn’t gotten my Beyonce on in a while so I thought, why not. I had taken a DayQuil earlier so I didn’t drink, but the medicine must have given me a little buzz because I started to feel the music. My hips were moving all over the place and once we made it downstairs, I was drunk in my cold medicine-stupor. Suddenly, Thong Song comes on and I just lose it. I got so excited, I started slapping my buddy’s ass on the dance floor. I don’t think many people noticed but I was swiftly reminded why I spend weekends with Netflix instead of Sisqo. Here are some spring picks for the nice weather ahead.

Rag & Bone ($290), Nike ($110), Ray-Ban ($180), Carhartt WIP ($135)