Blame It On The DayQuil

So something mildly entertaining happened at One and One the other day. For the most part, I’ve given up on going out but it was a friend’s birthday and I hadn’t gotten my Beyonce on in a while so I thought, why not. I had taken a DayQuil earlier so I didn’t drink, but the medicine must have given me a little buzz because I started to feel the music. My hips were moving all over the place and once we made it downstairs, I was drunk in my cold medicine-stupor. Suddenly, Thong Song comes on and I just lose it. I got so excited, I started slapping my buddy’s ass on the dance floor. I don’t think many people noticed but I was swiftly reminded why I spend weekends with Netflix instead of Sisqo. Here are some spring picks for the nice weather ahead.

Rag & Bone ($290), Nike ($110), Ray-Ban ($180), Carhartt WIP ($135)